Pittsburgh — Winfield Distance between cities, Driving directions, road

  • km
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  • 1002 km
    601.2 miles
  • 12.5 h.
    751.5 minutes
  • 14.3 h.
    858.9 minutes
  • 1.1 h.
    66.8 minutes
  • 0.8 h.
    50.5 minutes
  • 0.0 h.
    0.0 minutes
Fuel consumption per 100 km:
Fuel costs:
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Fuel consumption per 100 miles:
Fuel costs:
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Distance between cities Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States and Winfield, Alabama, United States on public roads is — km or miles. The distance between the points in the coordinates — 1002 km or 601.2 miles. To overcome this distance at an average vehicle speed of 80 km / h require — 12.5 h. or 751.5 minutes.

The length of this distance is about 2.5% of the total length of the equator. Airliner Airbus A380 will fly the distance in 1.1 h., and the train 14.3 h. (No high-speed train).

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Driving directions Pittsburgh — Winfield
The direction of movement
United States, Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, United States
Right-hand traffic
United States, Winfield, Marion County, Alabama, United States
Right-hand traffic
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